Month: February 2016

Release Notes: v2.0.1.54

As you can tell, we’re back into the swing of things now, giving regular releases, each one with new features.

And this is something we’re aiming to work towards in 2016 – far more regular updates!

So, if you have something you want developed into Arnold, please don’t be shy … Just Ask!

  • When loading the Members Details Screen, previously entered occupations will now appear. This means you can select an existing one and make future searching by profession easier.
  • Pop-up reminders – the dialogue box will appear only once, not for each Account with a pop-up
  • In the Class Maintenance Screen, you now have to double click to change the Name, not single (which was causing the pop-up to constantly happen).
  • Bug fixed whereby you can now enter a note into a new Account (previously you had to close, and then re-open the account).
  • Here’s a big one … in the Member Search you can now filter (and thereby target) your members by Sex and Age!

Introductory Video

Hi guys,

I finally got around to putting up a quick video introducing the software. I’d really appreciate it if you could share it with the martial arts and fitness communities.

Remember, that the more people we have using the product, then the more I can focus on it and the better it will get.

Thanks for your support!


ps. I am aiming to do one video a week explaining a new feature, or a request. Please keep an eye on the YouTube channel!

Here’s the video:

Release Notes: v2.0.1.53

As per our Welcome post, apologies for the delay in this update.

We’re now at version .53, and a lot has happened since we last published release notes. Here are our latest changes to Arnold!

  • Online Form – You can now save the time you would normally spend manually entering names into the system. We can now setup for you a FREE online form on our SSL site that you can customise and use as a landing page where prospective members can now enter in their own data, and it goes straight into Arnold for you!

(Not available on our Lite Plan)

  • Self Check-In Screen – This screen now changes with the date. Also, it now automatically sets the default class to be the next class.
  • New Report! You can now print the Classes by Member report. This is a great thing to do monthly to print out and stick on the change-room wall to encourage people to train more and create competition.
  • Bug fix in Renaming Classes
  • Record ID Type & Number – ever had an issue with a Direct Debit who has skipped their payments? You can now record the ID Type (think passport, drivers licence etc) and the associated number against a contact.
  • Bug fix in Cancelling Classes (can now be done two ways).
  • Members can no longer enroll in a class which is cancelled
  • We also made numerous performance enhancements to several screens to improve usability
  • New FREE Version for smaller gyms with less than 50 members … please spread the word!