Month: March 2016

Release Notes: v2.0.1.57

We always love getting request from our members.

Last month we received a request from a gym in Auckland, New Zealand for a simple way to just look at enrollments for one day. Nice and easy, just to give a quick snapshot.

Well … it’s done. And we thought we’d throw in a 7 day trailling average too!

Here is how you can use the new report:

select report

And here is the output:

enrollments per day.PNG

(To copy the data, simply select all the rows in the grid on the left, and then press Ctrl-C).


Release Notes: v2.0.1.56

A couple of very important bugs have been fixed with this release.

  • Sometimes, when selecting a class from the registration screen, the use was alerted with a constant error message. This has now been fixed.
  • Businesses registered as NZ based will now have their Tax rate calculated at 15%, not the 10% as is currently the rate in Australia.
  • On the Member Search screen, the bug where you’re unable to select just a couple of members to email has now been fixed.
  • And finally … on the Sales & Payments Report, you can now email these people and/or print off the list!

We hope these improvements help you in your business.

And we have some more changes already in the pipeline!

Release Notes: v2.0.1.55

We want to welcome our new subscriber from New Zealand, who straight away found an but with printing invoices…! Hopefully this has now been resolved in this release.

What else?

Well you can now add a history record for an external email or phone call in the Correspondence Tab. Great for recording any “hey, why aren’t you at training?” emails!

And how about this … You can now set a flag to tell you when one of your students has reached X number of classes, and is due for a grading! It’s a little tricky to setup, so we might make a video for you.

We also just did some tuning, and also made some of the pop-up messages appear a bit clearer!