Month: May 2016


We have great news ….!

One of our biggest headaches at Stingrae was our reporting engine. Up until the current release, we relied on the widely used Crystal Reports to develop and distribute our reports.

Now Crystal Reports are great in a controlled, corporate environment … BUT … they are a nightmare when it comes to distributing in small applications such as Arnold, on various operating systems from Windows XP through to 10.

But after a lot of R&D, we’re happy to announce that we’ve found a new solution to develop our reports. This new engine is a lot cleaner, and easier to run which will mean that those who currently run Arnold, but are not able to access the reports will soon be able to do so.

But there is a catch … we have to re-write all the current reports!

Therefore, we’re not planning to do any minor releases of Arnold until after this is complete.Our target date for this, is the 1st of July and we’re extremely confident of meeting this date, or delivering it earlier.

As always, we thank you for your support with Arnold, and especially want to thank those clients who have used the system without being able to print the reports.

Back soon!