Release Notes: v2.0.2.4

Firstly, you’ll notice a new Main Menu. Apologies for those who hate change, but it needed to be done as it was getting too cluttered!

Lots of Changes to our Class Programmes Screen:

  • Add New Class on a specific date (same as registration screen)
  • Add last class data on the grid
  • Grid now refreshes to save (eg after Delete enrollment)
  • Anchor Points are fixed
  • You can Define the Instructor
  • You can Cancel a Class
  • When loading for the first time for the day, the classes now generate and appear in the drop-down (bug fix)
  • Count of participants
  • There is a check box on the report for sign-ins
  • And best of all Class Types now Link to a Programme so when you change your programme on the top left, the class on the bottom right changes too!

You can now print Tax Invoices for just a Date Range (good for long standing members who only want a 3 month invoice)

The Gecko Transaction Report now works!

As always, if you have a suggestion then please let us know!


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