Month: October 2016

Release Notes: v2.0.2.5

Huge Update this time around! 

  • Bug fixed when opening the Class Programmes screen for new businesses.
  • You can now Delete Correspondence (in the case of where you’ve entered it wrongly).
  • Search for Accounts by their Notes … including those with Reminders (very handy to use to follow up with members) … searchbynotes
  • Now when you enter a Credit Card in via the Gecko system, the card number will be validated as you type so that you can be sure the number is a valid Visa or MasterCard number.
  • We fixed a bug with Coach Titles not appearing in the Class Registration drop-down.
  • A bug with Contact Gradings was fixed too which caused the system to crash if you selected a Grading without selecting a Member Contact.
  • You can now export a Member Query to a new text file.
  • And we saved the best for last …! So that you target your marketing to specific areas, you can now see you current members on a map! Simply do a Member Query, and then press the “Plot on Map” button. You’ll get the following screen: