Release Notes: v2.0.2.6

Happy New Year!

Huge update to start 2017 … this is what you’ll find in this version:

  • When you look at the Gecko Direct Debits menu, the Next Distribution Date is now updated to accurately reflect when the monthly credit of fees will be paid.
  • The Class Enrolment grid now changes colours!
    • When a member owes fees, it goes red
    • And if you have Grading notifications on, instead of a pop-up, the enrolment record goes an aqua colour
    • Note: this also applies in the Class Programmes screen too
  • Invoices – thank you to one our clients in New Zealand who pointed out a couple of issues in the Printed Invoice
    • It should now print a little nicer as sometimes the Header was too large
    • Some payments were missing. These now appear too.
    • The blank page that used to sometimes get printed now won’t.
  • New Report – you can now print off the enrolments in a class from the Class Programmes screen
  • Instructor Maintenance – some cosmetic improvements
  • Also on Instructors, you can now inactivate them so they don’t appear in the drop-down, but will appear in the history if you go back in time.
  • When entering in a new account with multiple contacts – the Surname field now defaults to the surname of the Primary Contact to save typing

And as always there are some performance enhances which will help speed things up in a few places.


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