Release Notes: v2.0.2.7

Happy Easter!

A few little Easter eggs contained in this new release of Arnold:

  • You can now define multiple locations for your business! So if you have more than one location you can:
    • Keep the same members across two or more locations and have them located once in your system
    • Enrol them in classes at either school
    • Keep the timetables specific to each location
    • Note 1 – This a very new feature and will be more developed in coming additions
    • Note 2 – Addition subscription fees apply, and this be reflected on the website soon.
  • Ever wondered what each class actually earns? Now there is a $ sign on the Class Registration form .. Click that button to get a screen which breaks it down for you. Obvisously with annual and monthly memberships, it is impossible to get a figure which is 100% accurate, but it does give you a great overview!
    • In a future release we’ll add to this so you can see how the class earnings change over time!
  • The New Class Screen always looked horrible … we’ve finally got around to tweaking it!
  • Are you registered for GST? Or Not? And apologies to our NZ subscribers who had to put up with it always defaulting to 10%. Now businesses can set their own tax rate! Go to the System Preferences screen and you’ll see the default rate box down the bottom!

Thanks for your support … in other news, we’ve FINALLY started work on our web-version too … Stay tuned for new on this!



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