Error when Updating Arnold

Unfortunately, when some users attempt to update Arnold to the new version they get the following error:


This is a permissions issue that occurs for some users and there is an easy work-around.

All you have to remember, is that the Arnold Update simply deletes the existing files, and then copies the new files in their place.

So to resolve, simply do the following steps:

  1. Open a explorer and navigate to the file path in the error. In the example above it would be:
    • C:\Users\Public\Documents\Stingrae Database Services\Arnold Gym Management\
  2. Select All the files in there and Delete them!
  3. Restart Arnold from your desktop icon and restart the upgrade. Because the files have been deleted then this annoying permissions issue will be gone!

We’re hoping to have a new solution to this issue in a coming release. Until then, please accept our apologies and perform this work-around.



Release Notes: v2.0.2.7

Happy Easter!

A few little Easter eggs contained in this new release of Arnold:

  • You can now define multiple locations for your business! So if you have more than one location you can:
    • Keep the same members across two or more locations and have them located once in your system
    • Enrol them in classes at either school
    • Keep the timetables specific to each location
    • Note 1 – This a very new feature and will be more developed in coming additions
    • Note 2 – Addition subscription fees apply, and this be reflected on the website soon.
  • Ever wondered what each class actually earns? Now there is a $ sign on the Class Registration form .. Click that button to get a screen which breaks it down for you. Obvisously with annual and monthly memberships, it is impossible to get a figure which is 100% accurate, but it does give you a great overview!
    • In a future release we’ll add to this so you can see how the class earnings change over time!
  • The New Class Screen always looked horrible … we’ve finally got around to tweaking it!
  • Are you registered for GST? Or Not? And apologies to our NZ subscribers who had to put up with it always defaulting to 10%. Now businesses can set their own tax rate! Go to the System Preferences screen and you’ll see the default rate box down the bottom!

Thanks for your support … in other news, we’ve FINALLY started work on our web-version too … Stay tuned for new on this!


Release Notes: v2.0.2.6

Happy New Year!

Huge update to start 2017 … this is what you’ll find in this version:

  • When you look at the Gecko Direct Debits menu, the Next Distribution Date is now updated to accurately reflect when the monthly credit of fees will be paid.
  • The Class Enrolment grid now changes colours!
    • When a member owes fees, it goes red
    • And if you have Grading notifications on, instead of a pop-up, the enrolment record goes an aqua colour
    • Note: this also applies in the Class Programmes screen too
  • Invoices – thank you to one our clients in New Zealand who pointed out a couple of issues in the Printed Invoice
    • It should now print a little nicer as sometimes the Header was too large
    • Some payments were missing. These now appear too.
    • The blank page that used to sometimes get printed now won’t.
  • New Report – you can now print off the enrolments in a class from the Class Programmes screen
  • Instructor Maintenance – some cosmetic improvements
  • Also on Instructors, you can now inactivate them so they don’t appear in the drop-down, but will appear in the history if you go back in time.
  • When entering in a new account with multiple contacts – the Surname field now defaults to the surname of the Primary Contact to save typing

And as always there are some performance enhances which will help speed things up in a few places.

Release Notes: v2.0.2.5

Huge Update this time around! 

  • Bug fixed when opening the Class Programmes screen for new businesses.
  • You can now Delete Correspondence (in the case of where you’ve entered it wrongly).
  • Search for Accounts by their Notes … including those with Reminders (very handy to use to follow up with members) … searchbynotes
  • Now when you enter a Credit Card in via the Gecko system, the card number will be validated as you type so that you can be sure the number is a valid Visa or MasterCard number.
  • We fixed a bug with Coach Titles not appearing in the Class Registration drop-down.
  • A bug with Contact Gradings was fixed too which caused the system to crash if you selected a Grading without selecting a Member Contact.
  • You can now export a Member Query to a new text file.
  • And we saved the best for last …! So that you target your marketing to specific areas, you can now see you current members on a map! Simply do a Member Query, and then press the “Plot on Map” button. You’ll get the following screen:


Release Notes: v2.0.2.4

Firstly, you’ll notice a new Main Menu. Apologies for those who hate change, but it needed to be done as it was getting too cluttered!

Lots of Changes to our Class Programmes Screen:

  • Add New Class on a specific date (same as registration screen)
  • Add last class data on the grid
  • Grid now refreshes to save (eg after Delete enrollment)
  • Anchor Points are fixed
  • You can Define the Instructor
  • You can Cancel a Class
  • When loading for the first time for the day, the classes now generate and appear in the drop-down (bug fix)
  • Count of participants
  • There is a check box on the report for sign-ins
  • And best of all Class Types now Link to a Programme so when you change your programme on the top left, the class on the bottom right changes too!

You can now print Tax Invoices for just a Date Range (good for long standing members who only want a 3 month invoice)

The Gecko Transaction Report now works!

As always, if you have a suggestion then please let us know!

Release Notes: v2.0.2.3

Bugs Fixed: 

  • When enrolling members in past classes, there was a bug where the Sale and Registration check used today’s date, not the date of the sale.
  • There was an issue when creating a Gecko Direct Debit Arrangement from Arnold in regards to the Period.
  • Delete a Class Type button on Class Maintenance now works.
  • You can now change the name of a Contact immediately after saving (previously you had to close and re-open the Account).


  • When adding a new member, you will now be reminded to enter in the Source of that member (this is to help you know if your marketing is working).
  • You can now add a footer to your invoices (for payment information etc …).
  • Several enhancements in performance

Updating The System This Weekend


As per our previous post, we’ve found a solution to our Reporting Services.

With the long weekend (in most places in Australia) we’re using it to roll-out our version.

If you’re a heavy user of our reports, we advise not doing an upgrade until after we announce here that it works on all our test systems, and clients who have upgraded (simply press cancel once the new version downloads).

Have a great weekend!


We have great news ….!

One of our biggest headaches at Stingrae was our reporting engine. Up until the current release, we relied on the widely used Crystal Reports to develop and distribute our reports.

Now Crystal Reports are great in a controlled, corporate environment … BUT … they are a nightmare when it comes to distributing in small applications such as Arnold, on various operating systems from Windows XP through to 10.

But after a lot of R&D, we’re happy to announce that we’ve found a new solution to develop our reports. This new engine is a lot cleaner, and easier to run which will mean that those who currently run Arnold, but are not able to access the reports will soon be able to do so.

But there is a catch … we have to re-write all the current reports!

Therefore, we’re not planning to do any minor releases of Arnold until after this is complete.Our target date for this, is the 1st of July and we’re extremely confident of meeting this date, or delivering it earlier.

As always, we thank you for your support with Arnold, and especially want to thank those clients who have used the system without being able to print the reports.

Back soon!

Payment Batches

Friendly reminder:

With the 1st of April, apart from being a good day to make fools of your friends, now is a good time to create a new Accounting Batch.

This means, that for your BAS Quarter (For Aus subscribers), you can see all the payments for the quarter and print it out for your accountant.

Here is how you set it (From System Preferences Menu):


And when you enter in a payment, these values appear in the drop-down.

Of course, you don’t have to user quarterly payment batches, but we do and find it’s invaluable!

Have a happy Q2 of 2016!

Release Notes: v2.0.1.57

We always love getting request from our members.

Last month we received a request from a gym in Auckland, New Zealand for a simple way to just look at enrollments for one day. Nice and easy, just to give a quick snapshot.

Well … it’s done. And we thought we’d throw in a 7 day trailling average too!

Here is how you can use the new report:

select report

And here is the output:

enrollments per day.PNG

(To copy the data, simply select all the rows in the grid on the left, and then press Ctrl-C).